Dr Joe Mulhall of HopeNotHate

Dr Joe Mulhall; Head Doxer at HopeNotHate

Dr Joseph Lesley Mulhall, head researcher into the AltRight movement at the extremist group known as “Hope Not Hate” is a fan of doxing and publishing hit lists of people he disagrees with politically.

Joe is a senior researcher at altleft organisation, Hope not Hate, where he monitors any groups or individuals they dislike. He runs Hope not Hate’s anti-Muslim monitoring unit, which tracks anti-Muslim groups in Europe and North America. He has completed a PhD on post-war fascism and sits on the board of the Holohaux Memorial Day Trust

Joe has said publicly that anyone in the AltRight movement is considered an enemy “combatant” and subsequently publishes lists of these “combatants” in the hope that violent Alt-Left extremists will target them and or their families.

Altleft Extremist Dr Joseph Lesley Mulhall

Joe is a prime example of the hypocrisy of the AltLeft movement, despite the fact he enjoys publishing his perceived enemies personal details he hid his address by registering on the Electoral Register at his lawyers offices in London.

Unfortunately for Joe, it takes only a few brief google searches and a bit of common sense to find and locate him and his family, like he does to so many others.


Joe Mulhall:



Doxing extremist Dr Joe Mulhall

Joe’s profile pic on Twitter doesn’t give much away, but here he is, a better pic was found on The Guardian website

Far left extremist Dr Joe Mulhall

From here, it was a simple matter to locate a picture of him elsewhere on the web to find out who else he may live with, and locate him that way.

Extremist Joe Mulhall with altleft extremist Philip Jack Mulhall and sister

Your sister gave it away, Joe. 🙂


Joe lives at

Chilterns, The Fairway, Worplesdon, Guildford, Surrey GU3 3QE


He travels frequently to the USA, uses the telephone number 1 929 309 9939


Other people living with Joe (yes this near 30 year old man child still lives with his parents, despite being a “researcher” and a PHD 🙂 )

Philip Jack Mulhall



What a surprise, apparently this runs in their blood, his brother is an Altleft activist, who worked on Hillarys Campaign according to both his Linkedin bio and this pic he posted:

altleft terrorist Philip Jack Mulhall







Does this make him a combatant Joe? I think you’d agree anyone who worked for Trump is a combatant, so your brother is now fair game 🙂





Apparently posh English wankers don’t actually help convince Ohio to vote for evil witches like Hillary, who would have guessed?

When he isn’t convincing Americans not to vote for Killary he spends his time tweeting edgy memes, comparing White people who want to remain a majority in the homelands of their ancestors, to Nazis and ISIS.

Because they’re exactly the same in the drug-addled brains of AltLeft Activists.

Bit more info on on Altleft Activist Philip Jack Mulhall:


altleft terrorist Philip Jack Mulhall Philip Mulhall, extremist, plans to study law at BPP University

Kelly Virginia Mulhall



Currently works at Quintessentially in London, Graduate of Leeds Uni

She doesn’t appear to be active in Altleft circles, so will be left alone for now.

(apparently failed businesses run in the family)


Philip Joseph Mulhall

Joes father, born in June 1955

Director of Nil Satis Associates Ltd
Chilterns The Fairway, Worplesdon, Guildford, Surrey GU3 3QE

Works in oil and gas  industry.

Again, no further digging needed as doesn’t appear to be a combatant.

Virginia Avis Mulhall


worked at Nil Satis Associates, no particular indication she is a combatant.


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